This video explores:

3 specific Relationships that only exist in movies

Friends Who Are Mean To Each Other
Friends Who Talk About Sex
Polar Opposites


Things have been too serious here lately, and this morning Daniel O’Brian provided me with a good laugh.  He’s one of my favourite comedians for his ability to play with language, be gloriously awkward, an astounding knowledge of pop culture, and his healthy grasp of basic good sense.  Okay, I admit it, I have a full on crush on this guy.  Meeting him in real life would probably ruin that somehow, but his character is perfect.

This video has some fun references for us 90s children, which always makes me strangely happy – as though I were somehow afraid I was the only one watching Rug Rats and Saved By The Bell.

Okay. I can’t help myself.  As hard as I try not be serious… Wait for it…

Wait for it….

We have to stop stereotyping men as sexualized weirdos. 

The world talks a lot about awful female gender stereotypes, but males face a lot of it themselves. Most men really are decent and normal, and Hollywood’s abusive stereotypes only put pressure on young men to meet the low standards we set for them.  Yes, every woman has a bucket of memories where men were total douche-bags, but this is positive confirmation bias. We remember the ones that meet the bad stereotype, we don’t remember the oceans of men we have encountered that were perfectly normal.  There’s no reason to remember them, nothing memorable happened.  Daniel O’Brian goes into detail around the idea that it’s common for men to have creepy sexually explicit conversations. Despite Trumps attempt to suggest that behaviour is normal, the average guy would be immensely uncomfortable in such a conversation.

“The only time I’ve ever, in my life,  considered asking ‘What is the sex like’ was when I was a child, before I’d had sex. Dear movies: I’m 31 years old, I’m a man, an uncle and a full participant in sex, and I never ask about the sex that my friend have. So stop including that idea in your movies.”