Ottawa-born Talia Zajac is now completing her studies in Toronto.   She is a  multi-layered woman, writing poetry, short stories, lyrics and pursuing a Ph.D. in history.

We saw a brilliant performance of The Golden Harvest, an Oratorio to which she wrote the lyrics.  This piece commemorates Ukranian history in the prairies.

You can read the lyrics and a detailed description of the performance here:
The Golden Harvest

An interview about her poetry can be read here:
The Toronto Quarterly: Literary & Arts Journal

Talia studies medieval history, with a focus on queenship.  Her research examines the experiences of ruling women, the displacement they experienced when married, and the durability of their elite status.

You can read a fascinating interview with Talia where she discusses the Orthodox Slavic rulers of the east forming marriage alliances with Catholic rulers in the west.
Royal Studies Journal